An Online Business Primer

Online business is typically business that is done almost entirely online. There are actually more businesses like this than you might at first think. Just think about it for a second. Many e-bay businesses and other stores are only located online. While they have warehouses and other offline sectors, the majority of business that they engage in is online.Many writers, bloggers, advertisers, and computer program developers as well as website designers are also online based. Because there are so many different things that can be run from online locations, this kind of business is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the entire world.Getting into online business can be difficult for people who have never really tried to capitalize on that market. Fortunately, there are thousands of businesses that are designed to help with this challenge. It is very easy to find a business or individual that can help a business branch out into the online business world.One way to get connected to business online is by obtaining an online mentor. This person would answer questions about online practices and advertising, and consult about which types of business online should be incorporated into each style of business. Many companies keep these consultants on for years to help with the ever changing online world.There are several different ways that business is used online. The biggest way is advertising. Advertising can include many different aspects of the online world. Even just a plain website is a form of advertising, so it is important not to overlook the importance of such a venue. There are also advertisements that can be created to place on other sites around the Internet. Many of the Internet search giants have advertising programs that can be used to boost the visibility of a site as well as other forms of advertisement on search engine sites and other sites as well.Online business is also used to make sales and keep customers coming back again and again. It is best to have a clear strategy in mind before leaping into the online market. An Internet mentor is a great way to learn what to do and what not to do in the online world.

3 Reasons Why Your Small Home Business Needs Home Based Business Insurance

It’s estimated that more than half of all small businesses in the U.S. are home based businesses. The Census Bureau estimates that there are over 27 million home based businesses as of 2007. This has certainly risen since the down turn in the economy when many people lost their jobs. This shift has given way to the small, home based business of today and tomorrow.As an Independent Insurance Agent I run my business out of my home. The benefits are tremendous and technology allows more efficiency and productivity. I’m able to spend more quality time with my family instead of dead time on a commute to an office. I’m able to react to customer requests more quickly. And, I found out that I’m not alone. I meet so many people who manage their small businesses from their home, it’s fantastic.But, there is a problem. Most of these at-home small businesses don’t have home based business insurance. I find there are three common reasons these entrepreneurs don’t have business insurance. These are also the three reason’s you need a home based business insurance policy.
My Home Insurance Policy will cover me. It’s logical to think, since they own a home, somehow their home insurance company is going to cover any loss they may have. Unfortunately this is not the case. Most home insurance policies have a minimal amount of coverage for Business Property. So, if you have product, equipment, or supplies related to your business, at your home, there will be little or no coverage and, if the product, equipment, or supplies is away from your home then you’ll have even less coverage. Generally, you can increase this coverage through a special endorsement but most insurance companies won’t go higher than $10,000.
Besides limited Business Property coverage, there is minimal coverage for Business Liability under your home hazard insurance policy. Imagine a product you produce injures someone after purchase. Your home policy will not cover this type of liability claim. Or, say the UPS driver is delivering supplies and material and gets injured on your property due to a hazard. Will you have coverage for this loss? No. Are you a Realtor? You may have limited coverage if you’re out showing homes and your buyer is injured or you cause property damage. We live in a risk filled world, with people who are more inclined to sue than not. It’s in your best interest to protect yourself by having the right home based business insurance.
I’ve had my business at home for a long time and nothing has happened so I don’t think I need it. This is a common excuse I hear from many home based business owners. They don’t believe they face any risk. I once went to the home business of a seamstress. She had a room where she did alterations for her clients and she had cats. One of the cats was wearing a diaper because it was marking its territory in the house. What if the cats damaged a wedding dress or a stack of high end jeans waiting to be altered? Just because nothing has happened before doesn’t mean something won’t happen in the future. Give your clients assurance and confidence that you are a legitimate business by have the proper insurance.
Business insurance is expensive and I don’t think I can afford it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many home based businesses just need a basic home based business insurance policy. These can run as little as $159 annually depending on the type of business and the amount of coverage you may need. Also, you might be losing business because you don’t have any business insurance. To bid on contracts you usually need to show a Certificate of Insurance proving a minimum level of coverage. Having the right business policy can put significant dollars in your pocket, many times more than the cost of the policy.There you have it. 3 reasons why you need business insurance for your home based business. If you’re in Arizona feel free to call my office to ask any questions. If you’re in any other state, call an Independent Agent in your area for the right advice for your particular situation.